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What is schema?

Schema is labelling your content on the website.

Schema can also be used to improve the way your website appears in search results by adding information such as your company logo, reviews, and contact details.

By adding structured data to a website, a website can improve its visibility in search results and get more traffic.

There are different types of schemas we can add to a website.

1) Organization Schema

2) FAQ schema

3) Local Business

4) Event Schema

5) Product Listing

6) Q&A Schema

Now, the question is how to generate a schema.

Step 1- Open Schema Markup Generator

Step 2- Choose the type of schema

Step 3- Add the details of your business

Step 4- Copy the code generated

Step 5- Place the copied Schema code on your webpage.

Step 6- Test your schema to check if it is placed correctly.

Step 7- To test, navigate to Validator Schema.Org and enter the web URL.

I hope this was helpful.

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