The Power of Consistency: A Journey of 100 Days on LinkedIn

Sakshi Arora
3 min readJun 22, 2023


Being consistent can be as challenging as coming out of your comfort zone.

Starting slow and giving yourself small challenges is a great way to learn consistency. Consistency is a skill that takes time to develop.

By starting slowly and gradually increasing your efforts, you can build a strong foundation for consistency.

The Power of Consistency
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In this blog, I will share how I embarked on a journey of consistency by challenging myself to write for 100 consecutive days, aiming to share my thoughts and insights about SEO with my readers.

I knew this journey would be filled with challenges and tests of my commitment. Because I have consistently failed to be consistent in any challenge I have given myself in the past. Be it studying in the morning, going for a morning walk, doing exercise, reading a book, or whatnot, like most of us.

In the beginning, I established a routine for my writing. I would stay up late at night with a bowl of ice cream and chips and sit down with my laptop, ready to pour my thoughts onto the screen.

However, there were days when bingeing on Netflix, going out, and spending time doing nothing were particularly enticing, making it difficult to follow a routine. The allure of watching series and movies and enjoying them with everyone tested my dedication. But each time, I reminded myself of all the goals and the importance of staying consistent, and with a determined mindset, I managed to overcome those nights.

As the days went by, I encountered another common challenge: writer’s block. Some days, my mind seemed to draw a blank, and I struggled to find inspiration for writing. It felt as if my creativity had taken a temporary leave of absence, leaving me staring at a blank screen. But I refused to let writer’s block discourage me. I started exploring new sources of inspiration, such as taking long walks in nature and reading articles every morning published by other fellow content writers writing about SEO and other topics outside my usual genres. Gradually, these endeavours sparked my creativity, allowing me to find fresh perspectives and ideas to share with my readers.

Amidst the routine hurdles and creative challenges, it seemed impossible to find time to sit down and write, let alone maintain a consistent posting schedule. However, I recognised that consistency was not about perfection but about adaptability. I learned to adjust my routine, seize small pockets of time for writing, and be forgiving when life’s challenges took precedence. Through resilience and perseverance, I managed to stay on track.

Following through on commitments can be challenging to be consistent with, but it’s worth the effort.

What does it take to be Consistent?

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First, believe in yourself and that you can do it.

Second, make sure you have a clear plan and goal in mind.

Third, let somebody know what you’re planning to do and ask them to hold you responsible.

Fourth, make sure you track your progress.

Fifth, get yourself a good mentor.

In the end, my perseverance paid off in completing 100 Days of LinkedIn Content writing.

Amidst everything, I managed to be consistent, not just in writing but in all the things I was not doing in the past and am still doing.

I was failing before; sometimes I do fail now, but it is not holding me back, and I am trying to show up every day with the challenges.



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