What is a Broken Link?

Sakshi Arora
1 min readDec 29, 2022


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Your website can be affected by broken links.

What is a broken link?

A broken link is a URL that no longer exists or has been changed to another address.

Reasons for broken links:

The reasons for broken links are usually very specific to the site.

1) Misspelled URLs: One of the most common causes of broken links is incorrect URL spelling. Misspelled URLs are also known as 404 errors.

2) Change to the site structure: The former URL has been transferred elsewhere, and the redirection has not yet been completed.

3) Content no longer exists: Other times, it is because the content no longer exists or has been deleted from the website.

4) Linking to content that is no longer available: The website contains links to content that is no longer available. (For instance, a link to a document or a pdf that has been relocated or deleted.)

I hope this was helpful.

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